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How is the Role of Technology in Education Expected to Develop over the Next 10 Years?

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Technology has been a part of the curriculum in one form or another since PC’s were first invented and began to be introduced in schools, but recently we’ve a lot more computer technology being developed which is highly user friendly. This makes it ideal for introduction in schools.

Already we are beginning to see the introduction of e-readers like the Ipad and kindle into our schools. These can potentially be used by schools for instantaneous sharing of information and for managing the books which students currently have to carry around with them. The internet is another potential big game changer, giving schools and pupils the potential to communicate outside of school about work for school. Both of these could come to have a massive influence over how our education system operates.

Although everyone can clearly see the slow changes which are occurring and are likely to continue to change things, there are other technological advancements which we don’t yet know about which could have an even larger impact in the years to come.