Beyond Teaching

When most people think about jobs in education, they often think of teachers. However, there are many people who have dedicated their life and careers in helping kids learn. Some of these people include board members, school administrators, policy makers, vendors, educational, professional and education consultants. Let as look at some of the jobs in education


From early childhood all the way through high school to colleges and universities, teachers instruct students in everything from the simplest alphabet to the most complex numbers and analysis. It involves a one-to-many relationship where we have one teacher tending a couple of students unless the teacher becomes a personal tutor. They are in charge of creating lesson place, setting up classroom activities and managing classroom discipline and behaviours.


These are found in all educational facilities that own libraries. They manage the library, maintain book records, lending and borrowing records. They initiate various library programs, supervise staff in the library and keep catalogue library materials. They make sure that every student who wants to use the resource can easily access it and at times assist teachers especially literature in lesson plan development. In some institutions, they take charge and review the purchase of new materials in the library.

-School counsellors

They deal with mental and emotional health amongst the student and school staff. They offer guidance and vocational programs. This job includes student assessment to gauge their abilities and proficiencies. They work together with the teacher to monitor the progress of the student and identify, correct and develop issues among students. Most of them have evolved to provide one-on-one financial and career guidance for a student completing high schools and heading to college.

-Special education teachers

They are like the normal or usual teacher, only that they teach the physically and mentally handicapped students. Unlike the other teachers who only teach on academics, special teachers go an extra mile in teaching their students basic life skills like speaking, playing walking, etc.

-School Administrators

The school administrators are like the CEO of an organisation. They are in charge of the whole institution from the junior most staff to the teachers, the staff, and the senior most staff. All major decision are made in his counsel and most institution they represent the school in external affairs

-School Bus Driver

This cannot go unrecognised as apart from the teachers, they interact most with most students and staff. They take student and staff to and from school, pick them and drop them at different stops in the estate. In some schools they are in charge of servicing the vehicle as many of them are certifies vehicle servicers

-Janitors and cleaners

They are in charge of hygiene and cleanliness in the school compound. They clean all areas from the classes, offices and all other buildings. They are at times involved in the repair and maintenance of institution or school property

Because of the economic state, most people are going back to school to enrol and take new courses or specialise in preferred fields. No matter the reason, more people going back to school means growth in the education field. Above are just a few of the jobs, there are much more jobs in education, and the list will continue increasing.