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Working in Childcare

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A lot of people underestimate the importance of childcare, including those currently working in it. This looks like it is starting to change though, as we are seeing that, more and more, the requirements to be a qualified child carer in a number of roles is becoming more advanced.

The type of requirements for child carers will usually require a diploma. This diploma would show that you have been trained in a number of areas, like first aid and other nursing skills, as well as some abilities in education as well. These are becoming requirements as the role of childcare continues to evolve in our society, and these specific sets of skills are required by parents and society in general to make sure that the environment is safe and enriching for any child given care. Gone are the days where child carers would only have to wait for parents to drop their children off and set those children in front of televisions for the rest of the day.

Teaching in Nurseries

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There is a bigger and bigger push occurring in the world of nurseries, pushing them to provide a more and more enriching environment for children’s early development, which in part leads towards them being a school in a way. They can be more than just the place parents leave their kids to be monitored while they’re off at work; they can provide an enriching environment for those children too, where they get positive reinforcement from adults, an opportunity to interact with children of their age, to play, and ultimately to learn.

Early age education can be conducted in a pretty non-structured manner, and kind of needs to be due to their lack of attention span and difficulty with following structure (not that that can’t be taught at the same time). It can be a great place for them to learn the rudiments of reading, writing, maths and sciences. There are plenty of games which can help with this, but the involvement of adults can be a massive benefit to.

This desire to improve nurseries into something which can be a real positive for children is clearly not without merit, but it does mean that nursing staff are having to be more engaged in managing their charges, which can also mean more stringent qualification standards, such as degrees in child care.

Nursery Places are Essential for Early Child Development

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Nursery and childcare is something which gets neglected a lot in discussions about how we can improve the education of young people and give them a better starting point. This is despite nurseries quite literally being the starting point for a lot of children, both as a place where they learn stuff; like subjects, and socialising / interacting with other young children, and also as a place where they first begin to follow a routine.

Every study into the results of students has shown that an early start is going to have a bigger impact on success than anything outside of a nurturing household. It is therefore quite disturbing that a report conducted on the state of childcare in the UK has shown how it is massively underfunded, with a shortfall of nearly £1000 for every child annually.