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Understanding Educational Technology

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One thing has become increasingly clear over the last couple of decades, which is that the role of technology in teaching and education at large is increasing in importance, and is likely to continue to do so. The new technology which is being used to enhance teaching has been shown to be quite effective, while, unfortunately, those teachers who aren’t particularly technically able are at risk of being left behind while these changes are occurring.

This can be shown quite well by looking at new teachers, who are both younger and therefore better able to use technology (although, admittedly, that is a bit of a stereotype) and can also benefit from it being included in their teacher training and qualification courses, and at older teachers, who are less able to benefit from it because they haven’t received this training and are generally less capable with technology.

Additional training for teachers who’ve missed out on previous training is therefore essential in this regard. Teacher training days are a great opportunity for teachers to have some basic training in some of the technology that is being used today, and most of this technology is designed to be used easily, so this should be sufficient for the most part. Getting started right now is also likely to improve the chances of teachers being able to keep up with continued developments.