Finding Work as a Private Tutor

Teaching is a valuable skill not just because it can get you a good paying full time career as a teacher, but because it can also allow you to supplement that work by working as a private tutor for individual students. This is a pretty popular option for teachers because it is a great way of getting an additional source of income, but it also can be an enriching experience, as you get to experience education in a new way.

The majority of the time you spend working as a teacher is spent teaching a large classroom of all of your students and very little is spent on a one-to-one interaction, which is shown time and again to be one of the most effective ways of being a teacher.

There are some great private tutoring opportunities available for teachers out there. You can find work as a private tutor who rents out your skills to parents for an hour here or there, helping them to perfect subjects they may have difficulty with in set classes. You could even work as a private teacher in evening classes for children and adults.