What Teachers Should Focus on in Their Application to a New Job Pt 2

Writing out your work history needs to be done professionally as well, and while you’re allowed to omit your bad moments in previous work, it is very important that you don’t over embellish your history. Not only is it dishonest, but it also looks dishonest, likely inspiring the person assessing your CV to look deeper into things, which could lose you opportunities in this job and in future applications to other ones as well.

So, you write about your professional highlights and work experience, the complications you’ve encountered and how you overcame them, and most importantly your professional accreditations, licenses and qualifications – which are an added validator useful for your potential employer.

Depending upon the seniority of your position, you could be expected to extrapolate even further, with your CV ultimately reaching up to or above 10 pages in length. For more junior roles it isn’t really expected to provide a CV in excess of 5 pages, and for people just starting out a couple of pages is more than enough.