Preparing for Your First Teacher Placement

Teaching placement is a crucial part of a teachers education and the final induction into a career in teaching. It is the last stage before you become a qualified teacher, so being as prepared as possible is very important.

There are a number of things you can do to make your first few days go more smoothly and it mostly comes down to getting in the right mindset. For instance, if you’re often uncomfortable in new environments, visiting the school early so that you can familiarise yourself and perhaps introduce yourself to some of your new colleagues. It could also be helpful to ask for some advice from other teachers there on how to handle some of the students and other responsibilities in your new role. Thankfully, the school should be helpful in this regard.

The other thing that schools should be helping you with prior to you starting is with information on how the school is run; its education and administrative practices. Reading as much as you about this will help you to manage the new responsibilities.