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Nursery Places are Essential for Early Child Development

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Nursery and childcare is something which gets neglected a lot in discussions about how we can improve the education of young people and give them a better starting point. This is despite nurseries quite literally being the starting point for a lot of children, both as a place where they learn stuff; like subjects, and socialising / interacting with other young children, and also as a place where they first begin to follow a routine.

Every study into the results of students has shown that an early start is going to have a bigger impact on success than anything outside of a nurturing household. It is therefore quite disturbing that a report conducted on the state of childcare in the UK has shown how it is massively underfunded, with a shortfall of nearly £1000 for every child annually.

What Teachers Should Focus on in Their Application to a New Job Pt 2

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Writing out your work history needs to be done professionally as well, and while you’re allowed to omit your bad moments in previous work, it is very important that you don’t over embellish your history. Not only is it dishonest, but it also looks dishonest, likely inspiring the person assessing your CV to look deeper into things, which could lose you opportunities in this job and in future applications to other ones as well.

So, you write about your professional highlights and work experience, the complications you’ve encountered and how you overcame them, and most importantly your professional accreditations, licenses and qualifications – which are an added validator useful for your potential employer.

Depending upon the seniority of your position, you could be expected to extrapolate even further, with your CV ultimately reaching up to or above 10 pages in length. For more junior roles it isn’t really expected to provide a CV in excess of 5 pages, and for people just starting out a couple of pages is more than enough.


What Teachers Should Focus on in Their Application to a New Job Pt 1

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The aspects of a job application remain mostly the same no matter what role/job you’re applying to, in the education sector or out. They need to include a summary statement, which should describe who you are as a person and what motivates you inside of the workplace. After this, you need to include your work history, and finally any special skills which you have, especially those which might be of value to your potential employer.

When you write out your summary statement, being professional is a must. This doesn’t mean that you can’t indicate that you’re a fun person to work with, but it does mean that the focus needs to be on your “modus operandi”, your work ethic, and potentially things like what you’d like to accomplish in the role your applying to, and your profession in general. For teachers this means expressing an enthusiasm for educating and in improving your skills to better teach your students.


Setting Up An After-School Program

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As a teacher, finding enough time during the day to teach everybody can be challenging, particularly when it comes to giving everybody precisely what they need in order to succeed. Some students can also be more interested in learning about the subject matter than others, which is where an after-school program can become useful. They give teachers the opportunity to extrapolate further on what was discussed in class, so that the more engaged students can begin to further their expertise above and beyond what the standard lesson period allows.

Most educational bodies permit a fair amount of wiggle room for teachers to set up such a program, as they’ve proven to be immensely helpful in improving results. They not only allow teachers to have a more one-on-one interaction with their students but also allows students to excel in a system where they don’t have much opportunity to do so.


Managing Your Children’s Schooling Hours

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For a lot of parents, managing to take their kids to school, and collect them at the end of the day, can be very disruptive to their careers and the demands of leading an adult life. Therefore, solutions to this issue which will allow parents to further their careers while being responsible parents are in high demand, and one of the most popular are after-school programs.

These services can be used so that the period of time that a child’s day is taken up more closely resembles an average working day. They can also be used for them to get additional supervision and time to do things like homework, so that after a long day at work, parents actually have a chance to relax and enjoy time with their families rather than getting their children to do more school work.